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Hosted by Tamara Hegen Sharepoint and Custom Software Business Analyst, Project Manager and Training Team Lead for Spot Solutions, LTD
Judy Blair
With the rise of work from home and regionally dispersed workforces collaboration is more complex than ever. Microsoft Teams brings your people together in a dynamic environment that supports your organizations collaboration goals. This webinar will walk you through the tools and features that are available to you in the MS Teams environment and provide you with tips and tricks for enhancing your efficiency, communication and collaboration.
Tamara has 20 years of experience in the design, architecture, and implementation of SharePoint solutions. This experience is coupled with 15 years of experience as a Business Analyst focusing on process engineering, process design and integrating technology to improve or enhance business process and business results. Tamara is experienced in working with individuals and teams from diverse business backgrounds, technical experience and comfort levels with technology and specializes in acting as a bridge between the business and the technologies being implemented to produce better business outcomes. From initial requirements, design and customization to governance and process optimization Tamara has the skill and experience to guide you through the process to a successful result.