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Here are offers that companies are currently promoting. Please message the contact for more information.

Company Name
Villa Business Consulting, Inc.
10% off
Pacific Software Publishing, Inc.
We are proud to offer a fantastic deal for fellow Execs members on our web and email hosting. Contact me to receive our complete Dreamersi web and email hosting service for $99 per year (+ $49 for SSL) - that's over $150 off! This includes a free domain, data backup, and unlimited email accounts.
JM Online
1. We waive our $840/month Management Fee for (3) full months when you hire JM Online to advertise your business on Google to bring you leads/sales to grow your business. There’s also no obligation or contract length required. If we don’t deliver results, we don’t get paid and our customer can cancel service at any time with no penalty. You are only responsible for the advertising budget which you can set upon setup your advertising efforts. 2. Free website migration ($360+ value) and 6 free months of website hosting if you migrate your website over to JM Online. 3. 5% off new website redesigns/rebuilds.
K D Enterprises LLC
Awazing water treatment products for your home, business, pools and spas: Keith Morrill 808-222-7376
Refresh Your Brain from the convenience and the comfort of your own home. Save over $300!
A Treehouse Group LLC
$200 off any website rebuild
Beck Antiques & Estate Services
We are a member of Rappaport International Diamond Exchange so if you need access to wholesale diamonds please reach out and we can hook you up bigtime. Call or text me 780-966-1930 Clinton Beck.
Schooley Mitchell
Grow profits by reducing expenses--we analyze your bills and contracts to ensure you're fully optimized at no cost upfront. Our only fee is a share of the savings we find. IEA members pay 20% lower share.
ChicFlicks Video Marketing
Chicflicks Video Marketing helps your business grow by providing a wide range of video support: animated, live action, marketing strategies and Do-it-yourself support. All members receive a free 30-minute video consultation.
Interstate Battery System of LV
10% Off Battery Purchase
Ottawa Flowers Inc
10% Off all Products/Services for all Members.
Josh Architects
Ask about a member discount on an Architectural Feasibility Report to determine what you might be allowed to build on your property. Visit for more info
Animal Medical Center of Jupiter
All new clients receive a complimentary comprehensive exam.
Matrix Networks
Free Network Audit and/or Phone System Analysis.
Blue Ocean Interactive Marketing Inc
Contact Blue Ocean Interactive today to get started on your next project! Get the first year of web hosting free when you start any new website project.
CSI: Palm Beach
10% Execs discount