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If any IEA member is interested in joining any of the committees, please email the IEA Executive Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about your interest.

Membership Recruitment

This committee works on recruiting prospective associations from around the world.


  • Chair Eric Haug, Edmonton
  • John Bryan, Akron
  • Andrew Earle, Edmonton
  • Julie Couret, New Orleans


This committee works on marketing the value of IEA to our members to include assisting the Membership Recruitment Committee, and marketing the new programs that will be launched from the findings of the Non-Dues Revenue Generating Committee.


  • Chair Valerie Staggs, Palm Beaches
  • James Keichinger, Calgary
  • Dale Sprague, Las Vegas
  • Todd Crawshaw, San Francisco

Networking Committee

This committee handles the quarterly regional conference calls and will be exploring adding additional video/audio meetings on other topics of interest to our membership. They are also working on gathering video testimonials as well as exploring additional ideas for networking between members.


  • Chair David Blotnick, Palm Beaches
  • Dominic Rizzo, Akron
  • Lisa Woodstock, Seattle

Technology Committee

This committee works on our various website and social media initiatives.


  • Chair James Keichinger, Calgary
  • David Blotnick, Palm Beaches
  • Eric Speier, Long Beach

Non-Dues Revenue Generating Committee

This committee will be exploring ideas for new value-added offerings for IEA members.


  • Chair Dominic Rizzo 
  • John Bryan, Akron

Future Conference Committee

This committee is responsible for finding hosts for future conference.



  • Chair Lisa Jordan, Charlotte