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Brown & Brown of Washington

Insurance: Property & Casualty
701 - 5th Avenue, Suite 550
Seattle , WA
United States 98104
(206) 676-8126
(206) 956-1600
Elizabeth Lutz
Personal Lines Manager
LOCAL PRESENCE, NATIONAL STRENGTH As one of the largest Independent insurance intermediaries in the country, with annual revenues exceeding one billion dollars, Brown & Brown (NYSE:BRO) provides a broad range of personal and business insurance products and services that span 185 offices in 38 states. Headquartered in Daytona Beach, Florida, the strength of Brown & Brown is in its decentralization, ensuring each office can tailor their insurance offering specifically for their area’s needs. Brown & Brown of Washington is perfectly situated to broker insurance coverage in Washington for your property & casualty and bonding protection needs. We believe it is important for our client-partners to understand how we view ourselves as a company. We see Brown & Brown as a relationship-driven, knowledge-focused, and community-committed organization providing unparalleled insurance solutions and services. When it comes to innovative insurance programs, standards of excellence and commitment to our customers, Brown & Brown of Washington is building a lasting legacy that remains true to its shared values. While our clients focus on growing their businesses, we focus on protecting them.