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Animal Medical Center of Jupiter

Animal Wellness
2151 ALT A1A
Suite 100
Jupiter , FL
United States 33477
(561) 320-7777
Robert Buzzetti
The Animal Medical Center of Jupiter is a full-service Animal Hospital that strives to procure the most innovative and state-of-the-art Veterinary treatment options available to serve the residents and visitors of the Jupiter, FL area. We provide quality and compassionate Veterinary care for wellness visits, preventative medicine, dental care, surgical procedures, medical boarding, flea and tick control, and grooming services. By utilizing in-house laboratory testing, specialty diagnostic laboratories, digital radiography, and ultrasound we can help diagnose problems with your cherished pet. Dr. Buzzetti and his highly qualified staff stand by his expectations to provide clients the highest level of professionalism with an emphasis on customer service and education to most efficiently care for your pet.
All new clients receive a complimentary comprehensive exam.