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Tuesday January 21st, 2020
One Hour

Zoom Webinar
10am Hawaii Time, Noon Pacific, 1pm Mountain, 2pm Central, 3pm Eastern

This webinar has passed and you cannot register anymore, however you can view to the webinar below.

Website Security Tips for Business Owners and Executives hosted by Kevin McLeod. As an IEA member you can attend for free.

Kevin is a member of the Vancouver Executives Association and founder and CEO of Yardstick Services, a full-service web design, digital marketing and maintenance and support company. Kevin is on the board of the Vancouver Executives Association, Vice Chair of the Better Business Bureau and is the current “Ask the Expert” for Small Business BC’s Advisory Services. When he takes off his CEO cap you’ll find Kevin spending time with his wife, son and daughter at the parks in and around Port Moody. Otherwise, he’s usually playing soccer, playing guitar (he owns three), hiking in Port Moody or playing video games. He also has a secret love of board games and strategy card games such as Pandemic, Caracassone and MTG.

Website Security Tips for Business Owners and Executives

Cyber threats are increasing each year. However, there are little to no regulations for websites, web hosts and web developers. So, it falls on business executives to make sure their websites (and the data therein) are secure. This is challenging for many executives because web technology is complicated with lots of terminology. So, this webinar uses layman’s terms and real world examples to help business owners and executives understand website security.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Learn why taking backups and doing basic updates isn't "security"
  2. Understand the different kinds of risks your website may be exposed to
  3. Turn confusing web terminology into simple questions to ask your web host/agency
  4. Understand what YOU are responsible for versus your web agency/host