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HNL Travel Associates

Travel Agency
1245 Young St., #203
Honolulu , HI
United States 96814
808 440-9651
808 591-8513
Wendy Goodenow
President / Owner
HNL Travel Associates was started July 1, 1987.  We have been in the same office since the beginning and we have most of the same people working with us.  We are members of Virtuoso, a consortium of Top Travel Agencies across the United States that work for the good of the clients.  We have value added amenities with many of the products we represent.  We have over 200 years of travel experience in our office.  We work with details and dreams, and want to offer life experiences to our clients.  A lead for me would be anyone wanting to really "Experience Travel" to see how the others in our World live, laugh, and love life.