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Angela Sutcliffe


Ottawa Executives Association


Angela Sutcliffe


Sutcliffe & Associates


Business Coach

What makes you good at what you do?

In business circles, I'm known as the Smart Old Broad. What makes me a Smart Old Broad? You’d think that my 30 years of business experience would do it—but that might just mean I'm a stick-in-the-mud. Staying power isn’t enough. When you combine my experience as professionally trained coach, an experienced business owner, a leading sales professional, founder of two of my own start-up to mid-six figure companies, and more than 4000 hours of coaching, that's the experience I bring to the table.

Is this enough? No! What really makes me a Smart Old Broad, and good at what I do. is the combination of hands-on-history, making my clients successful through several recessions, not just the good times, and my ability to challenge the conventions of today to find fresh, new, innovative solutions that produce results. It's all about the results.

"Why" do you do what you do (what is your "Why")

I almost bankrupt my first business from ignorance. It took me two hard, painful years to turn it around, an experience I wouldn't wish on anybody. Once I learned how business really works, I made it my mission to get the knowledge out there as far and as fast as I could - and to work with as many business owners as I could reach to spare them my experience.

Every time a business fails, I take it personally. I feel like I haven't been visible enough, or proactive enough to reach those who are doing their best without the tools they need to make it work. I have the tools. Failed businesses touch so many people - the owner, the family, the friends and the community, and it's so unnecessary.

How long have you been a member of your Association?

Just coming up to my third year.

What benefits do you receive from being a member of your association?

The biggest benefit is knowing that everyone in my association has been in business for a number of years and that because of that, everyone I refer has experience. It's all about the quality.

What is the biggest value you receive from being a member of your association?

The biggest value would probably be the support, knowledge base and quality of members and knowing that I can reach out at any time for advice, having the discipline to be active and outward when being involved with the association. It could be considered having a board of directors, which most small closely held companies don’t have.

Which three words would you use to describe yourself?

Straightforward, honest, professional.

Why are you proud to be a member of your association?

Because OXA all about quality and presence in the community. It is considered an elite association in our business community.

What makes your association unique?

OXA is unique in that only CEO's and decision-makers are allowed to be members. We don't accept "everyone" who can pay for the membership, there is a screening process to guarantee the quality of members - quality control.